Ian is a contemporary artist based in Arizona. He uses art as a tool to better understand the world and his place in it.

His work explores a wide range of subjects, styles, and mediums, which has led to a broad, diverse portfolio of work.

Statement from the artist:

Art is a tool that helps me better understand the world and my place in it.

By exploring different ideas, styles, themes, and subject matter, I am able to learn and grow as a person and artist. Many of these ideas come from other artists, places I have lived, or simply challenging myself to be a better artist.

I approach every piece as an experiment, or as series of prototypes. What can I learn? How can I try something new? Did that work? Each piece is a collection of these tests — a story unfolding and evolving.

This continuous exploration has produced (and will continue to produce) a schizophrenic portfolio of work — but that’s what I find most interesting. I’m not the artist who will sit down and recreate the same abstract work using an acrylic pouring technique, or stick to say, just photorealistic landscapes. Life is too rich and there is too much inspiration to remain boxed in as a creator.

Keep learning.

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